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Poem #34: Weekend Haiku, Third Series

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Weekend Haiku, Third Series

I arrive at dusk
a picture of a sunset

in the pub’s corner
a klutz waitress flips a tray
E wears our water

four wedding venues,
roast beef on paper plates and
dad, the bridezilla

somber before dawn
our last chance to surrender
our work together

we race through the rain
storms never halted Hermes
give us more to drink

Boston liquor laws
lock down the neighborhood stores
Memorial Day spent dry

@NBF 5.26.2009


Boston, 2009



I spent Memorial Day weekend in Boston for the Run to Remember Half-Marathon and other activities. I apologize for the intermittent posting last week and this week – I am preparing for my move to Chicago this weekend. I will be back in full force next week, with a few posts in the coming days, time permitting.


Poem #30: Weekend Haiku, Second Series

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Weekend Haiku, Second Series

selfish beach walkers
five abreast on the bike path
there are rules you know

in town for three days
my dad walks the dog alone
she asks for nothing

eleven miles
a cocky runner’s penance
legs like broken wood

Eastern remedies
vogue and unpronounceable
one man’s last resort

I like Chopin best
he got the piano right
don’t tell Beethoven

sports page doom and gloom
will David slay Goliath?
mountains from molehills

@NBF 5.17.2009


Santa Monica, 2004



Some haiku about running on the beach, family, medicine, music, and basketball.

Poem #24: Weekend Haiku, First Series

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Weekend Haiku, First Series

backwards baseball caps
free with leased rims and stubble
girls dating down

naked and afraid
he cowers at my greeting
someone’s lost a dog

a bulbous body
on her back she tells the truth
cunning black widow

garrulous barkeep
I’m not your biographer
I just want a drink

balloons and charades
that’s not what they studied for
clowns frown upside down

arbitrary love
bought and sold at the drug store
Hallmark holidays

@NBF 5.10.2009


Los Angeles, 2008



Nothing says Sunday night like some strict 5-7-5 haiku. I enjoy using haiku to wrap up a busy week, so I think I will institute a “Weekend Haiku” series here at The Poetry Project. Did you know that “haiku” is the plural of “haiku”? This is surprising to me, as the plural of the word “person” in Japanese (hito, 人) is “hitobito” (人々).

Speaking of surprises, it’s The Poetry Project’s one month anniversary on Tuesday. In lieu of gifts, leave a comment in which you describe a dream, the moment you realized Hamlet’s famous soliloquy could have been one-third its published length, or your favorite Poetry Project moment. Bonus points for those combining haiku with hypertext.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, even you non-mothers who pretend to have kids for various subversive reasons.