Poem #26: people: good and evil

people: good and evil

in love,
a perfect time becomes forever,
happiness is people,
good thoughts, sweet hearts
perfect people

to hate love, forever,
is bad for time,
for time,
two times make a nice, three times make
define people

bad feelings hate sweet, sugar-
salts and sorrow

in love, in evil, there is time,
feelings of forever, happiness
perfects thought, perfect thoughts then

time becomes a sweet smile
bad happiness spoils, sent
back forever, to evil, to people

don’t time love, time feelings,
forever is a time, perfect,
sweet hate takes life, takes time

fact feelings find evil, people
love, perfect facts, feelings hate
good people,
love forever, forever

time is sweet, sweet heart a word,
perfect for good life,
bad people, hate, sweet
thoughts, perfect time,
good heart, bad love, forever,

@NBF 5.8.2001 [rev. 5.12.2009]


New Jersey, 2005



I wrote the original version of this poem in response to Gertrude Stein’s How to Write. I have always found something very naughty about the matter-of-factness behind Stein’s language experiments. I hope to do more of this subversive language poetry in the future.


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