Poem #21: In Pain

In Pain

Static black heart attacks and hot winds seal the day,
mosquito masks marking time in copper wires and in clay.
Nights breed headnoise, centipede horseshoes and
the blues music hum-mutters, eyes loping low, dissident wrens recap
the news. Fed delusions, outside, upright, based in tenor,
pied fire trucks and siren lights
tucked away in onion bags, tight potato sacks, and blood orange seas.
Impolite protrusions wave forth fake rain, stork-faced sleep sheep
run the court, a handsome man,
the passer of fragile fractals. Dart board carriage breaks
precise, cotton swabs generic for a cure.
If madness is gladness then he’s happy, at
least, but we cannot, going on, keep going on.

@NBF 5.6.2009


Sydney, 2004



Pain can make us delusional and prevent us from sleeping. Mine is transient but demands some of my sleep. Witch-hazel is sadly lacking.

Simian Mobile Disco’s “Sleep Deprivation” is an excellent musical representation of tonight’s malady-induced haze.

Simian Mobile Disco – “Sleep Deprivation”


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