Poem #20: An Apology

An Apology

I’m sorry I took you
for granted, but I
thought that was our
plan all along

You thought I’d be
at the party, too,
but I wasn’t, and you
spent the night in
a bathtub filled with rum

Then I forgot your

(and your name)

I stole your friend
and gave her back
when I was done

Those things –
Those things I said
in your dreams,
those things that
hurt, I’m sorry, too

I turned off my phone
because I was done
with you, but you could
have tried other numbers

Forever was just too
long for me, and
just enough for you

@NBF 5.5.2009


Fort Smith, Arkansas, 2007



Sometimes “I’m sorry,” is not enough.


4 Responses to “Poem #20: An Apology”

  1. I find it absolutely fascinating that the first automatically generated link from this poem reads, “Things white people suck at.”

  2. stabby! stabbystabbystabby.
    stabby good.

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