Poem #19: GANS


Going away now – sorrow
stirs nature, gifts, and
grand songs. A nearby
gravestone names a star.

Naked as snow, gulls
soar above, guiding nascent
souls across new grounds,
a spirit’s natal garden.

Success against God’s nadir
never arrives. Satan’s gambits
steer gentlemen amiss: nothing’s
silver and nothing’s gold.

Guardian angels nurture Soul.

@NBF 5.4.2009


Las Vegas, 2007



I wrote this poem to commemorate the life of Danny Gans, one of Las Vegas’ greatest entertainers. Mr. Gans passed away last week. I was very lucky to see him just months ago. His talent was remarkable, his energy contagious, and his love for life inspiring. Wherever he is now, he is, no doubt, still performing.

Danny Gans (1956-2009)


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