Poem #18: CTA #1

CTA #1


Low contrast low-rises
hum transit lullabies for
a fresh-faced denizen
urged to move back so
others can board or
take his place.


Sun-dried bums assume
slack poses, boxed apart
by rails and glass.


An honest boy in a
Cubs cap sings the wild airs
of an unchecked locomotive
while crippled sound walls
stretch the calls of far away
trains passing by.


Prep-school punks pose
as married men, too much
swagger to be sincere.


Localized ads and good-
will campaigns promise
prompt service, organ
donor joy and cheap
connection to cousin
Paddy in Sheboygan.

@NBF 5.3.2009


Chicago, 2005



Travel is one of my favorite inspirations for poetry. Sometimes even a slight variation in routine is enough to reset one’s eyes so that the world can be taken in anew. I spent this weekend riding Chicago’s public transportation, among other things.

I am continuing to focus on segmented poetry, chopping up larger concepts into episodic stanzas.


One Response to “Poem #18: CTA #1”

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