Poem #13: This Dog

This Dog

My mother told me dogs
have no sense of time.

When I asked her how
she knew, she told me

Dogs can’t read clocks
on walls like you and I

Can. Have you shown
a dog a watch? No, but

Come on now – be real.
The dog would only

Eat it. Dogs don’t dine
on time. Not if you for-

Get to feed them. (I
watched Gambit lick his

Paws for many days.
His slurping kept me

Up all night.) My dad
said some dogs sing

Along with songs, but
none in minor keys.

We found this dog on
seventh street, with-

Out a collar or a tag.
Dad put up signs, but

No one’s claimed him.
He’s been with us for

weeks now, but I’m
sure he thinks he’s

Only just arrived. (He
has no sense of time.)

@NBF 4.25.2009


Tzfat, 2009



My family has one dog, an Australian Shepherd mutt named Daisy. She follows my father around. When he’s not home, she follows my mother. When they’re both away, I become her leader. She lives for walks, suffers many allergies, and snores frequently. She has an excellent grasp of time and is my dog-sized alarm clock.


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