Poem #9: JORDAN


Judgment opts: return, die again. Nothing
deters an obstinate joyrider. Note relentless
jeers: retire! An old demigod nears
doom. Age just reminds: nothing’s omnipotent.

Jerseys replace neckties. An ordinary day:
often disappointing. Revision: a new journalism.
Deities rerun, judge again. Obstructions never
just recede, nor does anything original.

Onlookers reject anonymous jive: dress neatly.
Opportunity revives a journey. Destiny. Nights,
days, and nothingness. Jazz offers refuge.
Obvious jukes net another rib disintegration.

Judgment? Other ripe dynasties are near.

@NBF 12.1.2001


Providence, 2004



This poem is another example of a passacaglia. I wrote it about Michael Jordan when he made his second comeback with the Washington Wizards. I felt – as did many – that MJ should have gone out hitting a game-winner against the Utah Jazz. Unfortunately, he didn’t, and we’re left with a two-season coda that dropped his career scoring average to an embarrassing 30.1 points per game.


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