The Poetry Project: A Brief Introduction

A query of the exact phrase “The Poetry Project” on Google yields over 27,000 results, so I apologize for making claim to the definite article here. I suppose a better name for this blog would be “A Poetry Project,” but as it is the only one of consequence in my life, I’m sticking with “The.”

My goals for this blog are threefold:
Promotional: to share my poetry.
Educational: to share the poetry of others.
Motivational: to get myself – and others – to write poetry.

I intend to post a poem of my own each day, with accompanying notes and photographs when applicable. I will also feature works by my favorite poets and offer brief biographical portraits that combine the wisdom of the internet with whatever rumors and stories I’ve picked up along the way. If you happen to be one of these poets and you would prefer that I not re-publish your work, let me know. Also, I will sometimes post “assignments” (i.e. writing prompts) to help inspire creativity. If you use these prompts, feel free to share your results in the comments section of the blog.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy.


One Response to “The Poetry Project: A Brief Introduction”

  1. I love this. I had to temporarily abandon my blog, which used to be somewhat like this (but not as sweet). But maybe I’ll be back. Or maybe I’ll just mooch off of yours for a while.

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